White Creek

Settlement in the town of “White Creek began after the granting of the Cambridge Patent in 1761. The first settlers in the present hamlet of White Creek were Quakers. John Allen built the first permanent residence in 1770, a house which remains as the best-preserved structure surviving from the eighteenth century in White Creek.  

The Town of White Creek is a quaint, rural township nestled in the foothills of the Taconic Mountains of Southern Washington County.  Dairy farms, vegetables, apples and berries and organic growers, open space and rolling hills dominate the landscape—particularly in the southern portion of the town. The community has a diverse housing stock and wealth of historic architecture and cultural venues significant impact on the community, with between a quarter and a third of land dedicated to it. The central and northern portions of the Town are mountainous, forested with pines and various hardwoods, and feed a network of Class A creeks. The Village of Cambridge (a separate municipality) is the social, civic, retail and economic center of the community along with two hamlets—White Creek and a portion of Eagle Bridge. The Town has a small, locally based manufacturing sector but the central school remains the largest employer.

Diverse businesses and residents include The New Skete Communities monks and nuns.  The Monks are known world wide for their German Shepherd breeding program and dog training and recently had their own Animal Planet series Divine Canine.  The Nuns are equally famous, but for the cheesecakes!  The monks also produce a line of specialty cheese spreads and smoked foods.  

Pompanuck is an Eco-Friendly retreat that is also now home to Round House Bakery – look for their items at the local co-op and farmers’ markets.  

The Village of Cambridge is in White Creek with destinations including Hubbard Hall, Cambridge Hotel, Rice Mansion Inn, Battenkill Books, Cambridge Store Co-op, antique shops and eateries.  

Geographic locations
•    Center White Creek – A stream flowing out the south part of the town.
•    Chestnut Woods – A location near Pumpkin Hook.
•    Goose Egg Ridge – An elevation in the northeast corner of the town.
•    Little White Creek – A stream flowing out the southeast part of the town.
•    Owl Kill – A tributary of the Hoosic River in the western part of White Creek.
•    Pumpkin Hook Creek – A stream in the central part of the town.
•    Sugar Loaf – An elevation south of White Creek and Goose Egg Ridge.
•    Two Tops – An elevation east of Ash Grove.
•    White Creek – A stream in the north part of the town.