A charter for a Township of Kingsbury was granted by King George III on May 11, 1762. Its first settler was James Bradshaw. Albert Baker arrived second, constructing a sawmill at what is today known as Baker’s Falls. John Jones built a mill in the northwest corner of town. Following his death, Edward Patten purchased Jones’ land and renamed the settlement Pattens Mills, a name by which it is still known. During the American Revolutionary War, the township was twice invaded by British armies. The second invasionary force set fire to everything but the homes of Loyalists. Charlotte County, of which Kingsbury was a part, was annexed by the Vermont Republic in 1781. The following year, it renounced its claim to Charlotte County, and New York officially recognized the town of Kingsbury. In 1810, the settlement near Baker’s Falls incorporated as the village of Sandy Hill, though it changed its name to Hudson Falls in 1910. In 1823, the Champlain Canal was opened, followed in 1833 by the Glens Falls Feeder Canal. Major industry consisted of farming, milling, mining, and logging.

•    Big Creek – A stream feeding into the Champlain Canal near Smiths Basin.
•    Bond Creek – A stream feeding into the Champlain Canal near Dunham Basin.
•    Wood Creek – A stream flowing out the south town line.

Present population of the village is about 8,000, and the population of Kingsbury is an additional 4,000 - making the town the largest in Washington County.
In the village of Hudson Falls, is listed with the National Register of Historical Places and has a display of intact 19th Century architecture.  Check out the Village walking tour map.  The five combination locks on the Feeder canal are also listed on the National Register of Historical Places

Along the Glens Falls Feeder Canal
Martindale Avenue- A parking lot suitable for a number of cars is available at Martindale Avenue in Hudson Falls. The end of the five mile canoe trip includes several docks, park benches, and a small park. Many boaters leave a second car at Martindale to avoid the return “upstream” trip to Feeder Dam. The Glens Falls Feeder Canal is suitable for canoeing for five miles from the beginning of the Canal at Feeder Dam to the takeout at Boat Basin Park on Martindale Avenue in Hudson Falls. The water is no more than 4 feet deep.
Five Combined Locks- Many bicyclists and walkers enjoy the view from the top of the Five Combined Locks, Burgoyne Avenue in Kingsbury. Although the canoeist must take out at Martindale to avoid the locks, it is a short trip by car for those who want to see the impressive staircase of locks at Burgoyne Avenue.

New to the town and Village is the Hudson River Music Hall, Inc. located in the historic Washington County Court House, also don’t miss a round at the Kingsbury Golf Course home to the September Sunkiss Balloon Festival.  Sandy Hills Days a week-end of fun and entertainment in Juckett and Paris Parks both the Sunkiss Balloon Festival and Sandy Hill Days are the weekend of September 9.