The town was formed from part of the town of Cambridge. Cambridge Valley Livestock is the longest running business in the town.  Jackson is also home to one of two county run public parks – Lake Lauderdale.  The Lake features swimming, picnicking, hiking and fishing.  Is also home to Chapin Field a public air strip with a thriving Flying Club.  Like many Southern Washington County towns the Batten kill flows through the town and two the four Washington County Covered Bridges Rexleigh and Eagleville are within the town boarders.  Visitors will also find Ondawa Golf Course – a lovely 9 hole course with stunning views and Penope Farm home of Dick McGuire a third generation dairy farmer who has preserved an amazing collection of significant historic equipment.  

Stop at Stannard Farms stand on Rt 22 before you head to the lake for some tasty treats for a picnic.  Take a meal at the Burger Den – a landmark adjacent to the Lake Lauderdale and if you are a crazy cyclist challenge yourself and climb O’Donnell Hill!

•    Cambridge Creek – A stream in the eastern part of Jackson.
•    Clark Pond – A small lake north of Hedges Lake.
•    Eldgridge Swamp – A swamp north of The Plains.
•    Hedges Lake – A lake in the middle of the town west of NY-22.
•    Lake Lauderdale – A lake in the middle of the town east of NY-22.
•    Mount Colfax – An elevation south of Hedges Lake.
•    Owl Kill – A stream feeding into Lake Lauderdale.
•    Schoolhouse Lake – A lake north of Lake Lauderdale.