The Town of Hartford was within the bounds of the old Charlotte County, which was renamed Washington County after the American Revolution.  The Provincial Patent (26,000 acres), later renamed the Town of Hartford, was granted to 26 commissioned officers of the New York Infantry - who were veterans of the French and Indian War, May 2, 1764. Archibald Campbell directed the survey of the grant into 104 lots, each containing 300 acres, more or less.  The Provincial Patent was included in the Town of Westfield and comprised the present towns of Putnam, Fort Ann, Dresden and a portion of Kingsbury, besides the present Hartford. In 1793 the Patent contained enough inhabitants to be set off from Westfield. This was done and the Town of Hartford received its name on March 12, 1793.

The Museum and Howard Hanna Memorial Civil War Enlistment Center
Are two buildings near the center of the hamlet of Hartford. They represent the history of life during the 1800s in a small upper New York State rural community and the participation of Hartford citizens in the Civil War.  Both buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Museum:
Housed in the former Elisha Straight house, is reported to be the oldest remaining house in the hamlet of Hartford dating back to the early 1800s. The mission of the museum is to acquire, catalog and display the history of Hartford. The acquisition of furniture, books and memorabilia, and the educational display of these items, are important to understanding the industry and life that once existed in Hartford.

The Civil War Enlistment Center:
In this building the men of Hartford enlisted in Co. E. 123d Regt. New York State Volunteers. This is the story of their 3000 mile three year journey to glory and service to the Union. This building is the only Civil War Enlistment Center remaining in New York State. The collection concentrates on the men, their equipment, their stories and the battles.   Admission is free to the Museum and Enlistment Center which are maintained and operated by the Hartford Historical Group, a not-for-profit organization.  The Museum and Enlistment Center are open to visitors on Sunday afternoons from 1 to 4 PM during July and August and at other times by appointment.
For more information call: (518) 632-9151.  School tours are also available.