Fort Ann

When advance units of the British forces began moving south in 1777, they encountered significant resistance from about 550 Americans at Fort Ann on July 8th.  Although no attempt was actually made to permanently hold the position, there was a two-hour skirmish fought here until it was believed that the advance units were being reinforced.  During the skirmish, the British recorded the capture of an American flag with thirteen red and white stripes and a constellation. It is likely that this was the first time the stars and stripes flew in battle.
Extracted from the joint project with The Town and Village of Fort Ann, students of the Fort Ann School and ACT for Youth. Funding was provided by a grant from the Washington County Economic opportunity Council, the Town and village of Fort Ann and glens falls national bank and trust.

The Historic Town & village of Fort Ann The Village of Fort Ann sits at Halfway Brook, midway along an Indian Path made to travel between the Hudson River and Lake Cham-plain. European armies tramped along this route between 1690 and 1760, building fortifications near here for each of the four “French and Indian” wars. The fort built during Queen Anne’s war (1702-1713) gave this place its name. In 1777, American rebels fought in the Battle of Fort Anne and then retreated ahead of Burgoyne’s invasion army, felling trees to block the road to the south. Their sabotage delayed the British advance long enough for Colonial forces to mount a successful defense at Saratoga and turn the tide of war in America’s favor. The town of Fort Ann stretches west to the eastern shore of Lake George, embracing ancient mountains whose deposits of iron ore fueled local industry.

Today, hiking and horse trails wind through the woods to dramatic mountaintop vistas. Paddlers and boaters can enjoy abundant wildlife on Lake George, Halfway Brook, the Champlain Canal and scattered smaller lakes and ponds. Lacrosse and Soccer fans will enjoy the tournaments and camps at Golden Goals Sports Complex, and take in a round of mini golf. At the town and village offices and most businesses in the Village you can find a Historical Walking tour brochure of the Village of Fort Ann.