The Town of Easton, Washington County, New York is a beautiful agricultural community in the Hudson River Valley. The 30+ farms make Easton the most agricultural town in the region. From the mountains on the east to the Hudson River on the west the beauty is enhanced by the patchwork of open fields and wood lots. This picturesque scenery is unsurpassed!

Easton boasts a variety of agricultural businesses - dairy, beef, horses, sheep, vegetables, fruits, field crops, plus small scale ventures such as alpacas, emus, goats and poultry. There is also a meat processing operation, an agricultural products store, a veterinary clinic, a farm machinery business and an organic farm.

Easton also played a significant roll in the Underground Railroad Movement and General Baum’s detachments and scouts,

Visitors to our town may enjoy locally grown produce available at many farm stands, homemade ice cream- at the Ice Cream Mann – Home to the Throw Down with Bobby Flay, world-famous melons, golf courses, picturesque views and hiking trails at Dionondahowa Falls.  In the winter bring the family to downhill ski, snowboard and snow-tube at Willard Mountain  the only ski destination in Washington County.  Easton is also home to this event the Washington County Fair.  Don’t miss a performance at Burton Hall and a trip to Alpacas of Easton and a gallon of cider from Bordens. 

Geographical locations
•    Batten Kill – A tributary of the Hudson River that marks the north town line.
•    Ensign Brook – A small stream in the south part of the town
    emptying into the Hudson River.
•    Fly Creek – A small stream running northward from the east town line.